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Administrative questions

What are the energy rates?

You can find all the information on the energy rates on the page How does it work?

What do the items on my annual statement mean?

Your annual bill shows the fixed and variable consumption for heat, water and electricity.

What can I do in the customer portal?

In the customer portal you can modify your personal details, view your energy consumption and view your invoices.

I want to change my payment method. How do I do that?

You can easily change your payment method via the customer portal . You can do this via Settings, Data, Change. You have the option of paying manually, via iDEAL or via direct debit. If you choose iDEAL, you will receive a monthly e-mail with the invoice. With the iDEAL payment method, you can also choose to transfer the amount to us monthly.

I am a new resident. How can I sign up?

First of all, welcome to the Gerbrandypad. For the service charge settlement of energy, you can register via the sign up page.

I am going to move soon. What do I need to do?

You can report a change of address via the moving page. For quick processing, we ask you to complete the documents together with the old or new occupant when handing over the keys.

A family member/acquaintance has passed away. What do I need to arrange?

Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you by calling 085 - 130 48 29.

  • Will the property stay within the family (for now)? Then the new owner can register one the page sign up.
  • If the lease is terminated or the house is sold, you can fill out the form on the page move out. Under Who fills out this form? choose I am filling out the form for a deceased family member/acquaintance.
Can I pay via direct debit?

InWarmte prefers that you pay by direct debit. During the first login, you have either opted for this or not. If you wish to change this preference, you can do so in our customer portal via Settings, Data, Change.

What is Gerbrandypad energy's privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be found here.

Technical questions

What do I need to do during a malfunction or calamity?

For questions about emergencies or malfunctions, contact the SSH at this contactpage.

How can I read my heat meter?

Download the manual from the page documents.